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dkyil 'khor yongs dag - 1) the complete purity of the mandala. 2) One of the four special qualities of Mantrayana. {gsang sngags kyi thabs mkhas khyad chos bzhi} [RY]

rgyu dang 'bras bu gsang sngags phyi nang gi chos - the teachings based on cause or on those based on result, the teachings of the secret Mantrayana, outer or inner [RY]

sngags kyi bskyed rdzogs - the development and completion stages of the Mantrayana [RY]

sngags kyi bstan pa - the teachings of Mantrayana [RY]

sngags kyi theg pa - Mantrayana. Syn for Secret Mantra or Vajrayana [RY]

sngags kyi lam - the path of mantra, Mantrayana [RY]

sngags kyi lam - Mantrayana [JV]

sngags rgyud - tantras of Mantrayana [RY]

sngags thun mong - common Mantrayana [RY]

sngags sdom - Mantrayana vows [RY]

sngags pa - a mantrika; tantrika, ngakpa, a practitioner of the Mantra community of ascetic, esoteric trainers, followers of tantra, a practitioner of the tantra. Syn yogis, tantric lay practitioner, sorcerer, exorcist, mantrin; Skt. mantrin - Ngakpa, a Mantrayana practitioner [RY]

sngags bon - Bönpo Mantrayana [RY]

sngags lugs - the Tantra system, “Mantrayana” Skt [RY]

sngags srung ye ka dza ti' - Ekajati, Guardian of Mantrayana [RY]

thun min sngags - uncommon Mantrayana [RY]

thun mong ma ying pa'i sngags kyi bskyed rdzogs - the uncommon development and completion stages of the Mantrayana [RY]

theg chen sngags - Mantrayana, Mantrayana [JV]

gsang sngags - Secret Mantrayana [RY]

gsang sngags - secret mantras. Guhyamantra, the Secret Mantrayana, the esoteric teachings, secret religious instruction; secret mantra; Guhyamantra, Mantra. The secret mantras, 'secret and extolled'. The {dgongs pa grub pa'i rgyud} says, “One should know that all mantras are divided into three classes, Gnostic mantras which are the essence of skillful means, dharanis which are the essence of discriminative awareness, and secret mantras which are the non- dual pristine cognition.” Thus dharanis originate from the teachings of the Transcendent Perfection of Discriminative Awareness, Gnostic mantras from the Kriya Tantra and secret mantras from the Mahayoga, Anu Yoga and Atiyoga. 1) Secret Mantra. 2) seal. 3) the esoteric teachings; the Secret Mantras (Syn. Vajrayana) [RY]

gsang sngags kyi theg pa - vehicle of secret mantras. secret Mantrayana; secret mantra vehicle, secret Mantrayana, vehicle of secret mantras [RY]

gsang sngags rgyal po - imperial Mantrayana [RY]

gsang sngags rdo rje theg pa - Vajrayana/Adamantine Vehicle/Mantrayana [RY]

gsang sngags rdo rje theg pa - Mantrayana/Adamantine Vehicle of the Secret Mantras [RY]

gsang sngags spyod pa'i tshul - the Secret Mantrayana tradition [RY]

gsang sngags dbang khrid - empowerments and instructions of the Secret Mantrayana [RY]

gsang sngags smin grol dbang bzhi nos - receive the four empowerments of the Secret Mantrayana, which ripen and liberate! [RY]

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