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Daily Prayers

The Profound Guru Yoga called Lama Chopa

by Panchen Losang Chokyi Gyaltsen with additional Prayers from the Jorcho.

Visualization of the Buddha Mandala

Visualize the Buddha Mandala as follows:

Actual Text

In the space before me, on a jeweled throne upheld by eight lions and multicolored lotus, sun, and moon cushions, sits my kind guru in the form of Buddha Shakyamuni.

His body of golden light is crowned with an ushnisha, with right hand in the gesture of controlling the Earth, and left hand in meditation pose holding a bowl full of nectar. He wears saffron robes, is adorned with a Buddha's marks and sits in the vajra position amidst an aura of light.

Surrounding him are my actual gurus and lineage gurus, Deities], [[Buddhas, Bodhisattvas], [[Dakas, Dakinies and guardians of the Dharma, and in front of them beautiful tablees support their writings.

By recalling their noble qualities and their kindness my mind is filled with faith, that causes them delight.

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