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 +[[Image:​Buddha3.jpg|thumb|300px|right|80ft (24 meters) Buddha statue in Bodh Gaya]]
 +'''​Bodh Gaya'''​ is a small town about 12 kilometres from the city of Gaya in the northern Indian state of Bihar where the Buddha attained enlightenment. The name itself is a contraction of Buddha Gaya and only came into use during the 18th century. At the time of the [[Buddha]] the place was known as Uruvel√†. The town of Bodh Gaya has grown up around the huge [[Mahabodhi Temple]] re-built in the 5th century over the very place where the [[Buddha]] sat when he became enlightened. Many Buddhist countries and organisations have built temples and monasteries at Bodh Gaya and thousands of pilgrims visit the town every year.
 +<​html><​iframe src="​http://​​clock/​i1lilh0j/​n1536/​fn2/​fs20/​ftb/​tt0/​tw1/​tm1"​ frameborder="​0"​ width="​375"​ height="​30"></​iframe></​html>​
 +Current date and time in Bodh Gaya, India
 +==See also==
 +*[[Maha Bodhi Temple]]
 +  ​
 +*''​[[Navel of the Earth|Navel of the Earth-The History and Significance of Bodh Gaya]]''​. S.Dhammika,​1996.
 +[[Category:​Cities in India]]
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