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 +'''​Basic [[Vehicle]]'''​ (Skt. ''​Hīnayāna'';​ Tib. [[ཐེག་དམན་]],​ [[Wyl.]] ''​theg dman''​) — literally the '​Lesser Vehicle',​ but perhaps more accurately understood as '​Vehicle of Lesser Result'​. What principally distinguishes followers of the Hinayana from those of the Great Vehicle (Skt. ''​[[Mahayana]]'';​ [[Wyl.]] ''​theg chen''​) is their motivation. They aspire for the personal liberation of [[nirvana]],​ and lack the courage to pursue the greater fruition of the Mahayana—this being the [[enlightenment]] of all [[sentient beings]].
 +It comprises both the ''​[[shravaka yana|Shravakayana]]''​ (Skt.) or vehicle of [[shravaka]]s and the ''​[[pratyekabuddha yana|Pratyekabuddhayana]]''​ (Skt.) or vehicle of [[pratyekabuddha]]s.
 +==Alternative Translations==
 +*Fundamental Vehicle
 +*Individual Vehicle
 +[[Category:​Key Terms]]
 +[[Category:​Basic Yana]]
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