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 +The '''​[[bardo]] of dying'''​ (Skt. ''​mumūrṣāntarābhava'';​ [[Wyl.]] ''​ 'chi kha gnad gcod kyi bar do''​) or more literally 'the bardo of the ceasing of the vital elements at the moment of death' — one of the [[four bardos|four]] or [[six bardos]]. Teachings on the bardo of dying usually contain the instructions for [[phowa]] practice.
 +=='​Root Verse' for the Bardo of Dying by [[Padmasambhava]]<​ref>​Extracted from ''​bar do rnam pa drug gi rtsa thig bzhug so'',​ which pertains to the cycle of the [[Bardo Tödrol Chenmo]]. Translation by [[Sogyal Rinpoche]], see ''​[[The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying]]'',​ page 227.</​ref>​==
 +<​big>​༈ ཀྱེ་མ་བདག་ལ་འཆི་ཁ་བར་དོ་འཆར་དུས་འདིར༔
 +Now when the bardo of dying dawns upon me,
 +I will abandon all grasping, yearning, and attachment,
 +Enter undistracted into clear awareness of the teaching,
 +And eject my consciousness into the space of unborn [[rigpa]];
 +As I leave this compound body of flesh and blood
 +I will know it to be a transitory illusion.
 +==Alternative Translations==
 +*bardo of death
 +*painful bardo of dying
 +==Teachings Given to the Rigpa Sangha==
 +*Sogyal Rinpoche, [[Lerab Ling]], France, 22-24 August 2010
 +*Sogyal Rinpoche, London, U.K., 30-31 October 2010
 +*Sogyal Rinpoche, San Diego, U.S.A., 30 November-4 December 2010
 +*Sogyal Rinpoche, Paris, France, 18-19 December 2010
 +*Sogyal Rinpoche, Myall Lakes, Australia, 17 & 20 January 2011
 +*Sogyal Rinpoche, Haileybury Retreat, U.K., 14-20 April 2014
 +==Further Reading==
 +*[[Chögyam Trungpa]], ''​Transcending Madness: The Experience of the Six Bardos'',​ The Collected Works of Chögyam Trungpa, Volume Six, Ch.6 'The Bardo of Death'​.
 +*[[Dzogchen Ponlop]], ''​Mind Beyond Death''​ (Ithaca: Snow Lion Publications,​ 2006), Ch.5 '​Evaporating Reality: The Painful Bardo of Dying'​.
 +*[[Sogyal Rinpoche]], ''​[[The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying]]'',​ revised and updated edition (Harper San Francisco, 2002), Ch. 14-15.
 +*[[Tsele Natsok Rangdrol]], ''​Mirror of Mindfulness:​ The Cycle of the Four Bardos'',​ translated by [[Erik Pema Kunsang]] (Boston & Shaftesbury:​ Shambhala, 1989), Ch.2 'The Painful Bardo of Dying'​.
 +*[[Tulku Thondup]], ''​Enlightened Journey—Buddhist Practice as Daily Life'',​ edited by Harold Talbott (Boston: Shambhala Publications,​ 1995), pages 55-62.
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