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 +{{Template:​9yanas articles
 +|title=9. Yana of atiyoga
 +|sanskrit=atiyoga yāna
 +|phonetics=shintu naljor kyi tekpa
 +|wylie=shin tu rnal 'byor gyi theg pa
 +'''​Atiyoga'''​ (Skt.; Tib. ཤིན་ཏུ་རྣལ་འབྱོར་,​ [[Wyl.]] ''​shin tu rnal '​byor''​) — the highest [[yana]] within the classification of [[nine yanas]] of the [[Nyingma]] school. Atiyoga is synonymous with [[Dzogchen]]. ​
 +==Overview Given by [[Alak Zenkar Rinpoche]]<​ref>​{{LH|tibetan-masters/​alak-zenkar/​nine-yanas|''​A Brief Presentation of the Nine Yanas''​ by Alak Zenkar Rinpoche}}</​ref>​==
 +The vehicle of Atiyoga, or ‘Utmost Yoga,’ is so-called because it is the highest of all vehicles. It involves the realization that all phenomena are nothing other than the appearances of the naturally arising [[primordial wisdom]] which has always been beyond arising and ceasing.
 +===Entry Point===
 +One’s mind is matured through the four ‘expressive power of awareness’ empowerments (Tib. [[རིག་པའི་རྩལ་དབང་]],​ ''​rigpé tsal wang''​),​ and one keeps the [[samaya]]s as explained in the texts.
 +[[Image:​Samantabhadra.jpg|thumb|150px|The Primordial Buddha [[Samantabhadra]]]]
 +The view is definitively established by looking directly into the naturally arising wisdom in which the three kayas are inseparable:​ the [[essence|empty essence]] of naked awareness beyond the [[ordinary mind]] is the [[dharmakaya]],​ its [[nature|cognizant nature]] is the [[sambhogakaya]],​ and its [[compassionate energy|all-pervasive compassionate energy]] is the [[nirmanakaya]].
 +The meditation consists of the approach of [[cutting through resistance]] to [[primordial purity]] (Tib. ''​kadak trekchö''​),​ through which the lazy can reach liberation without effort, and the approach of the [[direct realization]] of [[spontaneous presence]] (Tib. ''​lhundrup tögal''​),​ through which the diligent can reach liberation with exertion.
 +The conduct is free from hope and fear and adopting and abandoning, because all that appears manifests as the display of reality itself.
 +Perfecting the [[four visions]] of the path, one gains the supreme kaya, the rainbow body of great transference (see [[rainbow body]]), and attains the level of glorious [[Samantabhadra]],​ the thirteenth [[bhumi]] known as ‘Unexcelled Wisdom’ (''​yeshe lama''​). ​
 +==Further Reading==
 +*[[Jamgön Kongtrul]], ''​The Treasury of Knowledge, Book Six, Part Four: Systems of Buddhist Tantra'',​ translated by Elio Guarisco and Ingrid McLeod (Ithaca: Snow Lion, 2005), pages 337-346.
 +[[Category:​Key Terms]]
 +[[Category:​Nine Yanas]]
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