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 +'''​Asanga'''​ (Skt. ''​Asaṅga'',​ Tib. [[ཐོགས་མེད་]],​ ''​Tokmé'';​ [[Wyl.]] ''​thogs med''​) — one of the most famous Indian saints, he lived in the fourth century and was the elder brother of [[Vasubandhu]]. He received teachings from [[Maitreya]] and transcribed them as the ‘[[Five Treatises of Maitreya]]’. Together with Asanga'​s own commentaries,​ these texts became the basis for the philosophical schools known as [[Yogachara]],​ or [[Chittamatra]].
 +==His Writings==
 +*[[Bodhisattva Bhumis]]
 +*[[Compendium of Abhidharma]]
 +*[[Summary of the Mahayana]]
 +==Further Reading==
 +*Lobsang N. Tsonawa, ''​Indian Buddhist Pandits from The Jewel Garland of Buddhist History'',​ Dharamsala: Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, 1985.
 +*[[Sogyal Rinpoche]], ''​[[The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying]]'',​ pages 125-126.
 +==External Links==
 +*{{TBRC|P6117|TBRC Profile}}
 +[[Category:​Indian Masters]]
 +[[Category:​Seventeen Nalanda Masters]]
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