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 +'''​Arya'''​ (Skt. ''​ārya'';​ Tib. [[འཕགས་པ་]],​ ''​pakpa'';​ [[Wyl.]] ''​ 'phags pa''​) literally means '​noble'​ or '​sublime'​. The Tibetan word for Arya (''​pakpa''​) means '​elevated'​ or '​exalted',​ and refers to the exalted state, surpassing that of an ordinary, samsaric being, which is attained when reaching the [[path of seeing]], whether as a [[shravaka]],​ [[pratyekabuddha]] or [[bodhisattva]].
 +There are four classes of noble beings:
 +==Alternative Translations==
 +*Spiritually advanced being ([[LCN]])
 +[[Category:​Key Terms]]
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