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 +'''​Anger'''​ — one of the root [[destructive emotions]].
 +The word '​anger'​ translates several Tibetan including ''​khongtro''​ ([[Wyl.]] ''​khong khro''​) and ''​shyédang''​ (Wyl. ''​zhe sdang''​). [[His Holiness the Dalai Lama]] has advised that the latter term should be translated as hatred, because the word anger can sometimes, in rare circumstances,​ be seen as positive, whereas hatred like ''​shyédang''​ can never be positive. However, when it appears in the context of [[tantra]], he says, it should be translated as anger.
 +*[[Bodhicharyavatara]],​ Chapter 6
 +==Oral Teachings on Overcoming Anger Given by [[Sogyal Rinpoche]]==
 +*[[Lerab Ling]], 18 July 2011
 +*Zurich, 23 September 2010
 +*London, 29 October 1997 & 16 November 1997
 +*Munich, 22 April 1995 pm
 +*Paris, 29 April 1995 am & pm
 +==Further Reading==
 +*The [[Dalai Lama]], ''​Healing Anger: The Power of Patience from a Buddhist Perspective'',​ Snow Lion Publications,​ 1997
 +*[[Dzogchen Ponlop]], ''​Penetrating Wisdom: The Aspiration of Samantabhadra''​ (Ithaca: Snow Lion Publications,​ 2006), 'Fruit of Aversion',​ pages 128-133.
 +*[[Thich Nhat Hanh]], ''​Anger:​ Wisdom for Cooling the Flames'',​ Riverhead Trade, 2002
 +[[Category:​Key Terms]]
 +[[Category:​Destructive Emotions]]
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