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 +'''​Analytical meditation'''​ (Tib. [[དཔྱད་སྒོམ་]],​ ''​chegom''​ or ''​ché gom'';​ [[Wyl.]] ''​dpyad sgom'';​ Skt. ''​vicārabhāvanā''​) — the counterpart of [[settling meditation]] (Tib. [[འཇོག་སྒོམ་]],​ ''​jokgom''​). This refers to the practice of investigation and analysis, undertaken on the basis of the calm of [[shamatha]],​ in order to bring about insight or [[vipashyana]].
 +==External Links==
 +* {{LH|tibetan-masters/​nyingma-masters/​mipham/​wheel-analysis-and-meditation|''​Wheel of Analysis and Meditation That Thoroughly Purifies Mental Activity''​ by Mipham Rinpoche}}
 +[[Category:​Key Terms]]
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