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 +'''​Amritakundali'''​ or in [[Tibetan]] [[Düdtsi Yönten]] ([[Dudtsi Yonten]]) ([[Wyl.]] ''​[[bdud rtsi yon tan]]'';​ Skt. [[Amṛtakuṇḍalī]]) — one of the eight deities of [[Kagyé]] who appears in the south-west of the [[mandala]] instead of [[Lama Rigdzin]] or [[Chemchok Heruka]], according to some lists. Part of the the [[four male gate keepers]]. ​
 +==Internal Links==
 +* [[four female gate keepers]]
 +[[Category:​Four Male Gate Keepers]]
 +[[Category:​Shurangama Mantra]]
 +[[Category:​Hundred Peaceful and Wrathful Deities]]
 +[[Category:​Buddhas and Deities]]
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