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 +#redirect [[Embilica officinalis]]
 +[[Category:​Ayurvedic Fruits]]
 +[[Category:​Ayurvedic Herbs]]
 +[[Category:​Pitta Soothing Herbs]]
 +[[Category:​Tridoshic Herbs]]
 +[[Category:​Cold Herbs]]
 +[[Category:​Cooling Herbs]]
 +[[Category:​Sour Herbs]]
 +[[Category:​Sweet Vipaka Herbs]]
 +[[Category:​Sour Sweet Pungent Bitter Astringent Herbs]]
 +[[Category:​Flora of India]]
 +[[Category:​Flora of Pakistan]]
 +[[Category:​Plants used in Ayurveda]]
 +[[Category:​Flora of Nepal]]
 +[[Category:​Plants described in 1753]]
 +[[Category:​Indian spices]]
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