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 +'''​Ajita'''​ (Skt. ; Tib. ''​Ma Phampa'';​ [[Wyl.]] ''​ma pham pa''​) — one of the [[Sixteen Arhats]].
 +At his birth Ajita had all the signs of great virtue. He and the daughter of [[King Prasenajit]] fell in love and, even though he was a commoner, Ajita gradually proved his worthiness to the king and they were married. The [[Buddha]] explained that in a past life they had made offerings to the Buddha [[Vipashyin]] who predicted that in a future life they would marry and then be attracted to the religious life. Ajita and his wife cut-off all worldly attachment and joined the [[Sangha]]. Ajita became celebrated as the most meritorious of the Buddha'​s disciples.
 +He now dwells on Drang-song (the hermit-sage mountain), with 100 arhats. Seeing Ajita with his hands in the [[meditation mudra]] gives the ability to enter into meditation with moral perfection, and he grants protection and steadfast devotion to practice.
 +==Further Reading==
 +*''​Crystal Mirror, volume VI'',​ Dharma Publishing 1984
 +[[Category:​Sixteen Arhats]]
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