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 +[[Abhasvara]] [[loka]] ([[Pali]]: [[abhassaraloka]];​ [[Tibetan]]:​ '[[od gsal ba]]; [[Chinese Mandarin]]: [[jiguangjing tian]]/​[[guangyintian]];​ [[Japanese]]:​ [[gokukojoten]]/​[[koonten]];​ [[Korean]]: [[kukkwangjong ch'​on]]/​[[kwangum ch'​on]] [[極光淨天]]/​[[光音天]]). ​
 +In [[Sanskrit]],​ the "​[[heaven]] of [[radiant light]]"​ (in [[Chinese]],​ the [[name]] is also parsed as the "​[[heaven]] of [[radiant sound]]"​),​ the highest of the [[three heavens]] associated with the [[second concentration]] ([[dhyana]]) of the [[realm]] of [[subtle materiality]] ([[rupadhatu]]). As the [[BRAHMa]] [[divinities]] [[dwelling]] in this [[realm]] [[perpetual]]ly [[experience]] this [[profound] [[state of meditation]],​ they are described as subsisting on [[bliss]] ([[PRiTI]]) and [[abiding in ease]] ([[sukha]]). Their [[bodies]] [[radiate light]] in [[all direction]]s [[like lightning]] or like [[flame]]s from a [[torch]]. While the [[bodies]] of the [[divinities]] of this [[realm]] are [[uniform]],​ their [[perception]]s are [[diverse]],​ and there is no assurance that they will not be [[reborn]] in a [[lower realm]] of [[existence]] after their [[death]]. At the [[beginning]] of a [[world cycle]], when the [[physical world]] ([[BHajanaloka]]) of the [[sensuous realm]] ([[kamadhatu]]) has not yet been [[form]]ed, and at the end of a [[world cycle]] when that [[physical world]] has been [[destroyed]],​ many [[being]]s are [[reborn]] into the [[abhasvaraloka]]. A [[Bodhisattva]] is never [[reborn]] in the [[immaterial realm]] ([[arupyadhatu]]) even if he has achieved [[meditative state]]s [[consistent]] with that [[realm]], but he may be [[reborn]] in the [[abhasvaraloka]]. The [[Buddha]] once [[disabuse]]d a [[Brahma God]] [[dwelling]] in that [[realm]] of the [[mistaken view]] that he was [[eternal]]. This [[God]], whose [[name]] was [[Baka]], had been the [[first]] [[living being]] [[born]] in the [[abhasvaraloka]] after a [[period]] of [[world dissolution]],​ and presumed that no [[one]] had [[existed]] before him. When the [[divinities]] ([[deva]]) of the [[abhasvaraloka]] are [[first]] [[reborn]] in the [[realm of human being]]s ([[MANUshYA]]),​ they may retain their [[divine attribute]]s for a [[time]], [[being]] [[spontaneously generated]] rather than [[born]] [[viviparously]],​ and possessing [[bodies]] made from [[subtle materiality]] rather than [[gross matter]]. However, as [[time passes]] and they take on the [[physical]] and [[mental characteristic]]s of [[ordinary human being]]s, they lose their [[luminosity]],​ develop [[sexual characteristic]]s,​ and come to subsist on [[solid food]]s.
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