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 +Return to [[Buddhist topics]], [[Sanskrit word list]], [[Buddhist word list]]
 +[[abhabbatthana]]. ([[Sanskrit]]: ​ *[[abhavyasthana]];​ [[Tibetan]]:​ *[[mi rung ba'i]] [[gnas]]; [[Chinese Mandarin]]: [[buwei]]; [[Japanese]]:​ [[fui]]; [[Korean]]: [[purwi]] [[不]][[爲]]). In [[Pali]], "​[[condition]] of [[being]] incapable"​ or "​im[[possibility]]";​ referring to [[nine]] [[immoral]] [[act]]s or inadequacies of [[character]] that an [[Arhat]] is incapable of [[perform]]ing or possessing. Be[[cause]] he has [[destroy]]ed the [[four]] [[aSRAVA]], or [[contaminant]]s ​ —  of [[sensuality]] ([[kama]]), [[becoming]] ([[bhava]]),​ [[ignorance]] ([[Avidya]]),​ and [[wrong view]]s ([[drishti]]) ​ —  he is rendered [[forever]] "​incapable"​ of engaging in the following [[act]]s: (1) [[deliberate]]ly [[killing]] any [[living being]]; (2) [[theft]]; (3) [[sexual intercourse]];​ (4) [[deliberate]]ly [[lying]]; (5) [[accumulating]] [[personal possession]]s for [[sensual indulgence]],​ as would a [[lay person]]; or [[perform]]ing [[wrong action]]s prompted by (6) [[attachment]];​ (7) [[hatred]]; (8) [[stupidity]];​ or (9) [[fear]].
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