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 +'''​The Four Foundations of Mindfulness'''​ provide the basic [[meditation]] manual, as taught by the [[Buddha]].
 +#​Contemplation of the body (Kaya)
 +#​Contemplation of the feelings (Vedana)
 +#​Contemplation of the mind (Citta)
 +#​Contemplation of the mind objects ([[Dhamma]])
 +(from Digha Nikaya 22, Majjhima Nikaya 10)
 +The four subjects include the mindfulness and awareness of breathing, feelings, sensations, the mind, emotions, and subjects of the [[Dhamma]].
 +==For details on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness,​ see==
 +{{Main|Satipatthana Sutta}}
 +==See also==
 +*[[Mindfulness of breathing]]
 +*[[Mindfulness of sensations]]
 +*[[Awareness of the mind]]
 +*[[Meditation on the Dhamma]]
 +*[[Meditation postures]]
 +*''​[[Buddha'​s Lists|The Complete Book of Buddha'​s Lists -- Explained]]''​. ​ David N. Snyder, Ph.D., 2006.
 +[[Category:​Digha Nikaya]]
 +[[Category:​Majjhima Nikaya]]
 +[[Category:​Introduction to Buddhism]]
 +[[Category:​Buddha'​s Lists]]
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