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 +'''​Threefold summary of the Middle Path''':​
 +[[The Noble Eightfold Middle Path]] has been summarized to the three main categories:
 +#Wisdom (Pañña)
 +#Morality (Sila)
 +#​Concentration (Samadhi)
 +(from Samyutta Nikaya 12.65)
 +[[Right Understanding]] and [[Right Thought]] come under the “Wisdom” category. ​ [[Right Speech]], [[Right Action]], and [[Right Livelihood]] come under the “Morality” category. ​  ​And ​ [[Right Effort]], [[Right Mindfulness]],​ and [[Right Concentration]] come under the “Concentration” category. ​ [[The Noble Eightfold Middle Path]] develops the categories of Wisdom, Morality, and Concentration.
 +*''​[[Buddha'​s Lists|The Complete Book of Buddha'​s Lists -- Explained]]''​. ​ David N. Snyder, Ph.D., 2006.
 +[[Category:​Introduction to Buddhism]]
 +[[Category:​Buddha'​s Lists]]
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