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 +[[Declarations]] - 1 of 12 aspects of excellent speech ([[gsung rab yan lag]]): [[dbyang kyis bsnyad]], [[lung du bstan pa]], [[tshigs su bcad pa]], [[chad du brjod pa]], [[gleng gzhi]], [[rtogs pa brjod pa]], [[de lta bu byung ba]], [[skyes pa rabs]], [[shin tu rgyas pa]], [[rmad du byung ba]], [[gtan la 'bab pa]]) [[JV]]
 +The [[12 aspects of excellent speech]] are: General Discourses; Proclamations in Song; Prophesies; Poetic Pronouncements;​ Special Aphorisms; [[Declarations]];​ Narratives; Parables; Succession of Former Lives; Exrensive Sayings; Marvels; and Established Doctrines. [[JOKYAB]]
 +[[Category: Key Terms]]
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