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 +The '''​Ten Paramitas'''​ are the ten perfections of the heart to cultivate in one's practice of the [[Dhamma]].
 +==The Ten Perfections==
 +#Generosity (dana)
 +#Moral conduct (sila)
 +#​Renunciation (nekkhamma)
 +#Wisdom (paññā)
 +#Energy (viriya)
 +#Patience (khanti)
 +#​Truthfulness (sacca)
 +#​Determination (adhitthana)
 +#​Loving-kindness (metta)
 +#Equanimity (upekkha)
 +The [[Ten Hindrances]] to Enlightenment show us what we need to get rid of.  To assist us in the eradication of the hindrances are ten virtues to cultivate, listed above. ​  ​These ​ are  the  Ten Paramitas, which are translated as, the Ten Perfections of the Heart.
 +In the Ten Perfections you will see elements of the Five [[Precepts]] and [[The Noble Eightfold Middle Path]]. ​ Alongside these important [[Dhamma]] teachings are listed the ever important “energy” ​ and  “determination.” ​  ​If ​ we  want  to  succeed ​ at anything, we can never underestimate the importance of persistence and determination.
 +Renunciation,​ listed above does not necessarily mean giving up your possessions and becoming a monk or nun.  Renunciation can simply mean being content with what you have and maintaining a simple life and lifestyle. ​ It can mean “counting your blessings” or doing something simple to put your mind at ease to allow you to pursue spiritual quests. ​ It can also mean making some small sacrifices, such as choosing your vacation time from work to go to a vipassana retreat, instead of a cruise.
 +The [[Buddha]] spent many past lives as an ascetic monastic perfecting each of the ten perfections. ​ He could not be re-born in his final life as the [[Buddha]] until all ten perfections were fully developed. ​ Enlightenment is not something so simple as just sitting one day and all of a sudden feeling at “one with nature” and very “awake.” ​ There is a common danger in many Western countries where some practitioners and teachers say that they are enlightened when they have one momentary glimpse of jhanic pleasure in their meditation. ​ They are mistaking some pleasurable jhanic states for enlightenment. ​ Enlightenment is attainable, but no easy task and has the prerequisite of the ten paramitas.
 +==See also==
 +*[[10 hindrances]]
 +*''​[[Buddha'​s Lists|The Complete Book of Buddha'​s Lists -- Explained]]''​. ​ David N. Snyder, Ph.D., 2006.
 +[[Category:​Introduction to Buddhism]]
 +[[Category:​Pali terms]]
 +[[Category:​Buddha'​s Lists]]
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