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 +[py] Cháng āhán jīng
 +[wg] Ch'ang a-han ching
 +[hg] 장아함경
 +[mc] Jang aham gyeong
 +[mr] Chang aham kyŏng
 +[kk] ジョウアゴンキョウ
 +[hb] Jō agonkyō
 +Basic Meaning: [[Longer Āgama-sūtra]]
 +Chang ahan jing [[T 1]].1.1a–149c. Dīrghâgama;​ 'dus pa chen po'i mdo. 22 fasc. trans. Buddhayaśas [[佛陀耶舍]] and Zhu Fonian [[竺佛念]] in 412–13. It is one of the four āgamas in Chinese, written in four vargas [[品]], and one of the five Canonical collections of discourses (sūtra) of the Buddha as contained in the Dharma Collection 法藏 by the Theravādins. It deals with the life of the Buddha in its first varga, teaching and practice in the second, refutation of other teachings in the third, and Buddhist cosmology in the fourth. It is roughly equivalent to the Pāli Dīgha-nikāya. Partial variant translations can be seen in the Middle Length Āgama [[中阿含經]] ([[T 26]]) and the Longer By One Āgama [[增一阿含經]] ([[T 125]]). It is believed that this version was handed down in the Dharmagupta school [[法藏部]]. [Iain Sinclair, Nyanatusita]
 +* Search SAT: http://​​SAT/​key:​%E9%95%B7%E9%98%BF%E5%90%AB%E7%B6%93
 +* Search INBUDS Database: http://​​SAT/​key:​%E9%95%B7%E9%98%BF%E5%90%AB%E7%B6%93
 +[Dictionary References]
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