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 +[py] [[Fǎtiān]]
 +[wg] [[Fa-t'​ien]]
 +[hg] 법천
 +[mc] Beopcheon
 +[mr] Pŏpch'​ŏn
 +[kk] ホウテン
 +[hb] Hōten
 +[qn] Pháp thiên
 +Basic Meaning: [[Dharmadeva]]
 +A [[monk]] from the [[Nālandāsaṃghārāma]] ([[Nalanda]]) who translated under this name forty-six works, 973-981 [[A.D.]]; some contend he is the same person who translated seventy-two works under the name of [[Dharmabhadra]];​ see [[法賢]]. 〔佛祖統紀 [http://​​SAT/​T2035_,​49,​0331c20:​2035_,​49,​0332a20.html T 2035.49.331c22]] - see [[T 2035]]〕 [Charles Muller, Dan Lusthaus; source(s): Soothill]
 +Also in: CJKV-E
 +* Search SAT: http://​​SAT/​key:​%E6%B3%95%E5%A4%A9
 +* Search INBUDS Database: http://​​INBUDS/​search.php?​m=sch&​uekey=%E6%B3%95%E5%A4%A9
 +==Dictionary References==
 +* Bukkyō jiten (Ui) 957
 +* Chūgoku bukkyōshi jiten (Kamata) 161,352
 +* [[Fo Guang Dictionary]] 3338
 +* Index to the Bussho kaisetsu daijiten (Ono) 599
 +* Bukkyō daijiten (Mochizuki) (v.1-6)4631a
 +* [[Soothill]] 269
 +[[Category:​Indian Persons]]
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