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 +[py] Qīfó jīng
 +[wg] Ch'​i-fo ching
 +[hg] 칠불경
 +[mc] Chilbul gyeong
 +[mr] Ch'​ilbul kyŏng
 +[kk] シチブツキョウ
 +[hb] Shichibutsu kyō
 +[qn] Thất phật kinh
 +Basic Meaning: [[Sutra of the Seven Buddhas]]
 +Qifo jing (*[[Mahâvadāna-sūtra]]). 1 fasc. trans. Fatian [[法天]]; part of the [[Āgama]] collection. One of a series of five [[sūtra]]s that explain about Seven Buddhas in the past—the third in terms of length. It is regarded as an abbreviation of the first half of the Great Foundation Sutra 大本經 among those five. With the biography of Śākyamuni as a model, it relates the biographies of the seven buddhas of the past, giving their clan and family names. It is recorded as having been delivered at Jetavana Anāthapiṇḍada-ārāma. Thought to have been composed around the second century BCE. [[T 2]].1.150–154. Taishō nos. 3 and 4 share portions of this text. See also [[七佛父母姓字經]]. [Charles Muller; source(s): Hirakawa]
 +* Search SAT: http://​​SAT/​key:​%E4%B8%83%E4%BD%9B%E7%B6%93
 +* Search INBUDS Database: http://​​INBUDS/​search.php?​m=sch&​uekey=%E4%B8%83%E4%BD%9B%E7%B6%93
 +[Dictionary References]
 +The Korean Buddhist Canon: A Descriptive Catalogue {digital}
 +Fo Guang Dictionary 97
 +Ding Fubao
 +Buddhist Chinese-Sanskrit Dictionary (Hirakawa) 0018
 +Bussho kaisetsu daijiten (Ono) ④339c*
 +Bukkyō daijiten (Oda) 740-1
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